Tips & Trends for Styling Granny Flats

Tips & Trends for Styling Granny Flats

Trends for Styling Granny Flats and Home Improvements has been constructing granny flats throughout New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) for over 25 years. We’ve honed a range of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and even 3-bedroom Granny Flat designs through our extensive experience, crafting each one with various extras to cater to your needs.Since each person has a different idea of what their ideal granny flat should look like, we provide you the option to build a granny flat specifically to suit your preferences and way of life.

When decorating small living areas like granny flats, you must strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality.  The Principal Interior Stylist of Valiant Interiors, Amy Frost, offers helpful suggestions to improve your Granny Flat’s style

Consider our Telopea 2-bedroom Granny Flat, which exemplifies the classic “Hamptons” design. Amy’s team meticulously selected the furniture for the front living room to craft a welcoming and spacious atmosphere. The area feels elegant and large thanks to a modern sofa with oak legs and a round coffee table with a glass top, preventing any impression of cramming.

In conclusion, Cubitt’s Granny Flats and Home Improvements offers a wealth of knowledge and skill in the construction of granny flats, allowing you to select from a variety of carefully planned choices or build a granny flat from scratch to meet your specific requirements. When it comes to styling, Amy Frost’s advice on how to make a livable, practical, and beautiful place within the confines of a granny flat is priceless. Trust us to bring your Granny Flat vision to life while incorporating the latest design trends and expert advice.

Stick to a Particular Colour Palette

“A vital feature of Trends for Styling Granny Flats in interior design is maintaining a consistent color scheme, especially when going for a certain vibe, such as Australiana, Hamptons, or a modern aesthetic. The visual harmony of your room will be improved by sticking to one theme or style.

For instance, we drew influence from the classic Hamptons style for our Telopea home project. A calming color scheme of blues, soft rattans, and whites define Hamptons design. Consider using a gradient of darker to lighter blues while working with them, and don’t be afraid to add subtle green undertones for more depth.  On the other hand, if you like a more modern feel, a color scheme of black, white, or grey can act as a strong base, with the possibility to add a distinctive piece.

Your artwork is a useful place to start if you’re unsure about which colors to use. For example, a colorful floral design can serve as a great source of color inspiration when choosing pillows and other accessories. Build your color palette around a main point that speaks to you at first, preferably something vibrant and colorful. A tasteful and well-balanced interior design will be achieved by balancing this with neutral tones. 

Storage is Key

Look for pieces of furniture that provide useful storage options. Consider furniture pieces like coffee tables with shelves for arranging your possessions or ottomans with raising hinges that serve as hidden storage compartments. Additionally, side tables with storage built in might be very useful. You can quickly add baskets to these shelves to increase storage capacity even further, therefore increasing your storage options. When it comes to bedroom furniture, ensemble bases typically have a pull-out drawer on wheels, which makes it simple for you to reach underneath the bed and store things there.

Mix Old & New When Downsizing

To simplify your Granny Flat styling journey and maximize your new living space, consider the art of blending new and old furniture. For example, if you already possess a beloved dining set but find that the table size doesn’t quite fit, you can acquire a more appropriately sized table and continue using the chairs from your current set. This approach allows you to retain the charm of your vintage furnishings while making the necessary room adjustments. Alternatively, if you have sentimental or finely crafted lamps, you can replace the lampshade while preserving the lamp’s base. This ensures that both the lamps’ aesthetic appeal and sentimental value remain intact.

Add Life with Greenery, and Keep it Personal

It’s imperative to include lots of vegetation in your living area. Indoor plants not only add vitality to your surrounds, but they also provide that valued feeling of a well-lived-in house by fostering a warm and inviting ambiance. Since you’ll be using it every day, your room should ultimately reflect your particular tastes and interests. Choose goods that actually fit your area and your unique demands rather than choosing them merely based on how they appear in a catalog. To design a home that is truly comfortable and unique to you, make sure your choices complement your living area and improve your daily experience.





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