granny flat roof types

Best Granny Flat roof types

Choosing the right type of roof is an important decision when designing a granny flat. In addition to shielding the house from Australia’s extreme weather, the roof has a big impact on the building’s appearance and energy efficiency. We will guide you to the greatest granny flat roof types and will assist you in making a well-informed decision that combines practicality and style.

Five different roof styles, each performing a specific function and providing a different look, are frequently found on granny flats. the following list of granny Flat roof types:

1. Hip Roof:

The most common type of roof is the hip roof, which is very common in the Sydney Metropolitan region. The four sides of the hip roof slope in different directions, meeting at the top to form a ridge. This design offers increased durability and stability, making it a great option for areas vulnerable to strong winds or cyclones. Hip roofs also provide consistent eaves, resulting in a symmetrical, beautiful, and classic look.

Its widespread use and adaptable design are the reasons for its appeal. The drawback is that rules like the SEPP legislation may call for a wider rear setback in order to account for the extra height needed for this roof style. Concrete roof tiles for this design must be supported by a minimum roof angle of fifteen degrees.

2. Gable Roof:

granny flat gabble roof type

3. Single Skillion Roof

single skillion granny flat roof

4. Double Skillion Roof:

double skillion roof type

Throughout the world, energy-efficient and modern housing designs are increasingly incorporating this roof form. It has become popular due to its two opposing roofs, particularly in coastal areas. It costs more than a single skillion roof due to the requirement for a strong mid-frame to sustain these competing roofs. For places with little access to natural light, it offers a noticeable advantage. To let in natural light from the north for granny flats facing south, clerestory windows can be added above the lower roof part. The higher portion often contains the living, dining, and kitchen areas. These windows frequently have double glazing and may be able to be opened for better ventilation.

While granny flat roof styles resemble other residential roof forms, they are specifically designed to blend in with the main house’s existing roof. With this strategy, the roof design is certain to blend in with the neighboring rooflines rather than dominate or contrast them. For example, in coastal areas, the roof style could be more modern, curved, or comprise several different designs.

5. Butterfly Roof:

modern granny flat butterfly roof design

The butterfly roof is a less uncommon but eye-catching design choice. It is made out of two adjacent roofs that slope downward towards the centre, giving the appearance of butterfly wings. In addition to providing a distinctive architectural feature, this design is efficient at collecting water and can accept big windows that let in natural light. It works especially well for green projects that want to get the most out of solar energy and rainwater collection. Explore top granny flat roof types for optimal style & functionality in our guide. Perfect for Australian homes!

Granny Flat Roof

Granny flat roof types closely mimic those of regular residential roofs but with a focus on complementing the roof style of the main residence. The objective is to design a roof that smoothly blends into the overall look, neither overwhelming nor clashing with the current roof lines. This strategy is especially important in coastal areas where roof designs may adopt a more modern appearance, incorporate curvature, or feature a variety of shapes like skillion roofs or multifaceted designs.

It’s important to select the appropriate kind of roof for your granny flat for both practical and decorative reasons. Every choice has advantages of its own, whether you like the contemporary flare of a flat roof or the traditional charm of a gable roof. To choose the ideal roof type for your granny flat and ensure it satisfies your objectives for sustainability, style, and comfort, consider your design preferences and the unique requirements of your region.

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