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Granny flat floor plans 1 bedroom

Do you want to build a one-bedroom granny flat but are unsure if your backyard is large enough or if it would fit your budget? Comfort, convenience, or earning potential don’t have to suffer because you have less room or money to work with. You can utilize every square meter to the fullest with the correct design.

These little secondary homes make excellent use of available space and are perfect for smaller lots of land. They may accommodate a range of users and purposes. These understated yet beautiful homes make excellent long-term rentals, cozy retreats, or private guest houses. They are also a great way to live well on a budget.

Consult our comprehensive advice to decide if a one-bedroom granny flat is the correct size for your needs. We’ll review everything in detail, including granny flat floor plans, building permissions, pricing, and timelines.


Our one-bedroom granny flat designs at Pillar Build Granny Flats, which start at a minimum size of 36 m2, are ideal for:

• Grey Nomads in need of a base for their travels.
• Parents who must provide for their grown child as they accumulate savings for their first house.
• Families hoping to establish a posh guesthouse on their own.
• Householders who wish to finance their own Airbnb business.
• Downsizers hope to save more money for the dream lifestyle they’ve always desired.
• Disabled family members who wish to live independently while still receiving regular care.
• Senior family members who would want to live in a cozy, affordable house rather than an assisted living center.

granny flat 1 bedroom ideas


Check out this build’s benefits and drawbacks below to determine if it’s the right choice for you:


Granny flats have become popular due to their relative cost. They are well-liked by astute homeowners needing additional space and astute investors seeking profitable endeavours. One-bedroom granny flats are the most affordable due to their exceptionally small size.
A study of nine businesses in Sydney and Newcastle found that the whole turn-key cost of a one-bedroom granny apartment at Pillar Build Granny Flats ranges from $120,000 to $160,000. This includes construction, standard features, and all site-related expenditures, design fees, and approval fees.

This deal is probably too good to be true if you come across a granny flat builder promoting an especially low price (we’ve seen figures as low as $80,000). What appears to be a good deal could quickly develop into a budget-busting pile of hidden expenses or a sacrifice in quality due to cut corners.
Our recommendation? Before you sign on the dotted line, choose a provider that guarantees you may be confident in your final charges.

Visit our Ultimate Guide to Granny Flat Costs & Prices to learn more about these backyard homes’ prices at Pillar Build Granny Flats


 Granny Flats with one bedroom usually don’t need much space. The size of the house’s lot is used to calculate the permitted length of a granny flat. However, as of April 2024, these standards will no longer be applicable due to new legislation. Since one-bedroom granny flats are usually not particularly big, they are simpler to construct in smaller spaces. The primary requirements and building permissions for one-bedroom granny flats at Pillar Build Granny flats are the same as those for others.


Granny flats with one bedroom feature a bedroom connected to an open-concept kitchen and living area and separate spaces dedicated to the laundry and bathroom. Compared to a studio granny flat, they will have more space to work with, which can be divided into a living area, outside area, or kitchen. For every customer, Pillar Build Granny Flats offers a variety of customization possibilities in addition to pre-made designs.


The 40m2 granny flat small granny flats floor plan 1 bedroom is a good option for everybody. It is small but not crowded at 7525 mm in length and 5500 mm in breadth. A 100mm concrete slab is installed at the base of this one-bedroom granny flat design to provide superior foundation strength and reinforcement. At the same time, Color bond steel offers sturdy reinforcement for the unit’s gutters and skillion roofs. Sliding doors and windows are additional elements of the 40m2 one-bedroom pillar build granny flats granny flat. These are equipped with flyscreens, key locks, and aluminum frames for excellent security.

granny flats 60m2 1 beedroom floor plan


The 1 bedroom granny flat floor 60m2 plan with one bedroom shows how to make the most of your available space even with just one bedroom. The overall dimensions of this design are 5830 mm in width and 12 905 mm in length. It chooses a z-shaped arrangement of rooms over a rectangular one. High-quality materials, such as the 100 mm concrete foundation slab and Color bond steel gutters and roof, are used in its construction to maximize longevity. The sliding aluminium-framed windows and doors with flyscreens and key locks further combine security and convenience.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Space

Make Use of Vertical Space: Making the most of vertical space is an excellent idea to increase the functionality of your granny flat without eating into the floor space. The following are some such ideas:

Tall Storage Units: These are built-in tall cupboards, wardrobes, and bookcases that extend right up to the ceiling. In addition to serving the purpose of ample storage, they draw one’s eyes upwards to give an illusion of space and height.

Shelving: Place shelves on the walls for books, knickknacks, and other items. Floating shelves work well in this regard since they save floor space while providing storage.

Overhead Cabinets: In the kitchen and bathroom, overhead cabinets are needed to store stuff that is not used every day but still needs to be easily accessible.

Hanging storage solutions range from hooks and hanging storage for cookware, pans, and utensils in the kitchen to coats and other accessories in the living area. These help keep items neatly out of the way and not on countertops or floors.


One-bedroom granny flats at Pillar Build Granny flats are affordable options for various kinds of homeowners, budgets, and backyards, proof that a little really does go a long way. These little homes provide ample space for comfort and convenience, thanks to their well-thought-out floor plans that optimize available space and functionality.
See our Ultimate Guide to Granny Flats in Australia for more details about granny flats. Alternatively, contact the Pillar Build Granny Flats staff, and we will be pleased to walk you through the next stages of building your one-bedroom granny flat.

Ready to find your perfect 1-bedroom granny flat floor plan? Contact us today, and let’s get started!

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