Maximize Space in Your Granny Flat Design

“Many clients approach us seeking to add a granny flat to their property, typically driven by the desire to accommodate grandparents or teens or to generate rental revenue.” Even while granny flats are really useful, they do take up a sizable amount of your backyard. We’ve put together four practical suggestions to maximize space while building a granny flat in order to address this.
“Local council laws limit all secondary dwellings to a maximum area of 60m2, sadly restricting the size options available.” “When designing granny flats, clients often direct inquiries about this size restriction to Action Plans.” To allay any worries about feeling cramped, we’ve developed four space-saving techniques.”

Kitchens & Dinning

“In the realm of kitchen and eating areas, kitchens sometimes struggle with an overabundance of bulky appliances that present a problem. There is little space in the kitchen to remove necessary appliances like the cooktop, refrigerator, and storage cabinets without seriously affecting its performance. The typical assumption is that the kitchen should take up most of the space in a granny flat, thereby intruding on the living area and making the overall space appear smaller than it actually is.
Luckily, there are a variety of methods for recovering counter space in the kitchen.
Creative storage ideas are often helpful in this situation.
Overhead cabinets become essential in small spaces

By storing large goods within easy reach, these containers free up valuable floor space.

There’s also an opportunity to reevaluate the need for a stand-alone dining table. A workable alternative might be to add an island bench with stools and turn the space into an eat-in kitchen. Conventional dining tables are still appealing, but it becomes important to evaluate the space that is actually available and how the table is actually used. Customers frequently notice a significant increase in usable area when the conventional dining arrangement is replaced with an island bench and stools.”
Light “Without changing the granny flat’s actual measurements, you can significantly increase its felt space by making thoughtful use of light and large windows. Natural light not only highlights important aspects of your house but also brightens previously dark spaces, giving your granny flat a feeling of openness that is crucial when decorating.
But attaining this feeling of spaciousness necessitates meticulous preparation. It isn’t practical to just add more windows because seclusion from the main house is essential. It’s crucial to keep views into private spaces like toilets and bedrooms to a minimum.
Critical factors to take into account are the size, transparency, and precise location of the windows as well as the granny flat’s orientation with respect to the natural flow of sunlight.

Simplifying Entertainment Equipment

Recognizing our modern TV habits, the TV unit is usually the center of attention in lounge areas. But a disorganized TV box with plenty of gadgets might take up a lot of room.
Embrace technology by choosing a smart TV, which eliminates the need for separate media boxes and cords by coming with built-in functions like streaming and DVD players. In addition to taking up too much room, stand-alone DVD players and satellite receivers present wiring safety hazards.
To reduce clutter on the floor, consider wall-mounting alternatives with hanging racks for extra gadgets such as gaming consoles or pay TV receivers.
In addition to saving room, wall-mounting your TV enhances the incredibly thin design of smart TVs, which are sometimes sold with wall-mount kits, doing away with the need for large stands or  cabinets. This aspect is often overlooked but plays a pivotal role in optimizing space within a granny flat design.”

Use Hooks & Wall Mounts

Increase Storage Efficiency with Vertical Wall Mounts and Hooks
Vertical wall mounts and hooks are adaptable storage options that provide clever organizing choices. “They frequently appear in kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways, but their use extends beyond these spaces, reaching bedrooms and other areas throughout your house.” Without taking up valuable floor space, these installations offer the functionality of conventional shelves or countertops.
“You can tailor them to accommodate a variety of objects.” As flexible storage options, hooks and wall-mounted shelves hold everything from towels, condiments, toiletries, and clothes to cups, pots, and pans. They are quite useful, especially for people who lose their keys easily or who want easy access to necessities.”

Only The Start

There are several ways to make the most of the space in your 60-square-meter granny flat.
Making the most of unused wall space is one practical tactic for optimizing floor area. At Action Plans, we have a variety of creative concepts and custom floor plans that are ideal for your property and unique needs. We can make the most of every inch of available space by maximizing the potential of your walls and freeing up floor space.




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