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Create Your Backyard with a Stunning Granny Flat Shed

Why Choose a Granny Flat Shed?

Customizing Your Granny Flat Shed

We at Pillar Build Granny Flats know that each client has specific needs. In close collaboration, our team designs and constructs a granny flat shed that perfectly suits your needs. The following are some possibilities for customisation:

Design and Layout:

Select from a range of design alternatives that go well with the architectural style of your house. We can create a design that fits your preferences, whether you’re more into a traditional or modern design.

Interior Features:

Add extras like built-in storage, toilets, and kitchenettes to personalise the inside. Our designs guarantee that the area is both comfortable and useful.

The Process of Building a Granny Flat Shed

Building a granny flat shed is simple when you use Pillar Build Granny Flats. This is what to expect from Pillar Build:

1. Consultation: Our team begins with a detailed consultation to understand your needs. We provide a free site assessment to evaluate the best placement for your granny flat shed.

2. Design: Our architects and designers create a custom plan based on your input. We ensure that the design meets local building regulations and maximizes the use of available space.

3. Approval: We handle all necessary approvals and permits, ensuring your project complies with local regulations.

4. Construction: Our experienced builders bring the design to life, using high-quality materials and adhering to the highest construction standards.

5. Completion: We conduct a final inspection to ensure everything is perfect once the construction is complete. Your granny flat shed is then ready for use.

Popular Designs: Granny Flat Kits and Shed with Granny Flat

Granny Flat Kits | Small Home

We provide pre-designed granny flat kits and sheds with granny flat choices and custom designs. These designs are ideal for individuals who would instead find a quicker, more affordable solution without sacrificing quality. Our kits include all required supplies and comprehensive instructions, making installation simple.

Granny Flat Kit Benefits

For homeowners, a granny flat kit is a great solution. Your everyday schedule will be less disrupted during construction because these kits are prefabricated and delivered to your place. With a granny flat kit, you might benefit from an additional living space sooner than you might imagine.

Shed with Granny Flat: The Best of Both Worlds

A shed with a granny flat is perfect for properties that require combined living space and storage options. This style offers comfortable living and is ideal for students, gardeners, or anyone who needs additional storage.

Key Considerations for Building a Granny Flat Shed

When planning your granny flat shed, consider the following factors to ensure a successful project:

Site Assessment: A complete site survey is essential to choose the ideal location for your granny flat shed. Assessing elements like access, drainage, and soil quality is necessary.

Building Regulations: Make sure your project abides by your area’s construction standards and regulations. This involves following zoning regulations and securing the required permits.

Design Preferences: Make your preferences for the design clear to the builder. Take into account elements like gardening, external finishes, and room arrangement.

Budget: For your project, determine a reasonable budget that accounts for probable expenses related to design, supplies, construction, and permits. Our group can assist you in creating a thorough cost estimate.

Timeline: Discuss the project timeline with your builder to set realistic expectations for completion. Keep in mind that factors such as weather and permit approvals can impact the timeline.

Why Pillar Build Granny Flats?

Selecting Pillar Build Granny Flats, a business with a track record of producing projects of the highest calibre. Our dedication to quality, client satisfaction, and creative design makes us unique. We take great satisfaction in offering customised service and ensuring the client’s vision is reflected in every project.

Our team is made up of skilled experts committed to ensuring the success of your granny flat shed project. We collaborate from the first consultation to the last inspection to ensure every aspect meets your expectations. Our all-inclusive services, which give you a hassle-free experience, include design, construction, and project management.


An adaptable living area can be created in your backyard with a granny flat shed from Pillar Build Granny Flats. Whether you need a custom design or would rather use one of our pre-designed kits, we can turn your idea into a reality. Contact us now to find out more about our offerings and to begin the process of improving your home with a beautiful granny flat shed.

Ready For your Next Project?

Ready to transform your backyard? Contact Pillar Build Granny Flats today for a free consultation and start creating your perfect granny flat shed!


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