Attached vs Detached Granny Flat in Sydney

Attached vs Detached Granny Flat in Sydney

Understanding Your Options

Attached Granny Flat: Seamlessly Integrated with Main Residence

An attached granny flat shares at least one wall with your main residence. This option is often praised for its convenience and the ability to maintain a unified aesthetic between the main house and the granny flat.


  • Easier access to the main house is ideal for families looking to keep loved ones close.
  • It can be more cost-effective to utilize existing structures.


  • Limited privacy compared to detached options.
  • May have restrictions based on your existing home’s layout.

Detached Granny Flats: Independent and Flexible Living Space

Detached granny flats stand alone from the main residence, offering a distinct separation of living spaces. This option is perfect for homeowners seeking to maximize privacy or potentially earn rental income.


  • Enhanced privacy for occupants.
  • Flexibility in design and placement on your property.


  • Potentially higher construction costs due to the need for separate utilities and structures.
  • Requires more land, which may not be feasible for smaller properties.

Navigating the Decision Process

Choosing between an attached and detached granny flat involves more than just weighing the pros and cons. It’s about understanding how this addition will fit into your life. Here’s a simplified customer journey to help guide your decision:

Making It Real: Your Journey to the Perfect Granny Flat

Every Sydney homeowner’s journey to adding a granny flat is unique. John and Sarah, for example, chose an attached granny flat to keep their aging parents close while maintaining their privacy. Meanwhile, Alex opted for a detached unit, envisioning a future where it could serve as a rental property. Their stories highlight the diverse possibilities and personalized approach we take at Pillar Build Granny Flats.

Why Pillar Build Granny Flats?


The decision between an attached vs detached granny flat in Sydney is significant, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right information, expert guidance, and a clear understanding of your needs, you can make a choice that beautifully complements your home and lifestyle.